Posted on May 1, 2016

Review : Lemonade That Cool Refreshing Drink, I mean Album

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I don’t think ya’ll can handle this -Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter

April 23, 2016 was the day Lemonade officially made it’s way to all the stands everywhere and I was in line waiting for my metaphoric juice.

I have been on the Beyonce Radar for years and traveled with her (in my mind) through her rise to fame , womanhood and now her black power movement. Each album shows her growth in life, love and career .  I can distinctly remember Crazy In Love was the moment she stepped into owning her sexuality, her independence and getting ready for world domination.

Lemonade is Beyonce’s sixth album and her best work thus far. She is setting the standard on how we are listening to music by stimulating our senses visually, emotionally and mentally. She sings passionately about her relationship, our relationships and shows vulnerability even though she is celebrity.

I have had Lemonade on repeat since it dropped and each time I listen to it, I hear the songs and the messages differently depending what I am doing and where I am.  It is hard to find an album that you want to listen to from beginning to end,  and for me Lemonade makes the cut.  My standouts on the album in no particular order: Don’t Hurt Yourself with Jack White, Sorry,  6 inch with the Weekend, and Freedom.

Don’t Hurt Yourself: This song speaks  about infidelity and the anger of the audacity your lover may have at not respecting who you are and what has been brought to the table.  Ms. Knowles -Carter reminds him that first and foremost she ain’t regular and don’t get it twisted, she can and will  find another if he don’t get his mind right, and in the end the only loser would be him.

Sorry: Visually, I started loving this song because it showed Serena Williams dancing and the strength in female relationships. This song is definitely a goodbye to the relationship anthem and I will be adding it to the playlist .  You play this when you had enough of the games, you are ready to move on and hoping that he is happy with Becky with the good hair.

6 Inch: The theme of Beyonce’s music of late has been to slay in business, life and showing that when you do there is power that can not be taken away. Money makes the world go round and when you have enough of it, the possibilities are endless.

Freedom: I am always here for a motivational call to action. This song reminds me of an old negro spiritual that our ancestors us to sing to get them through the harsh reality of their lives and instilling hop that if you push through things will be better.  The song talk about being free and what are you doing with your freedom. Our ancestors gave up so much for us to be here and to squander it is a crime. It pushes you you keep going  with my favorite verse “I am going to keep running, cuz a winner don’t quit on themselves” Yassss!!!

The album has sparked rumors of the possibility of Jay-Z cheating on our beloved Beyonce and who is Becky with the Good Hair (Rita Ora, Rachel Roy)  . In my opinion, I don’t think the entire album is autobiographically based.  I think that it falls in line with what we want to hear and she catered to that.  So whether it is true or untrue, I am going to enjoy my sip of lemonade.


Posted on November 2, 2015

How to Get Your Healthy Life and Start Exercising!

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Just thinking about the debut, makes me all tinglely inside. 2016 is going to be a problem .. Theme Song: I Know You See It By Young Joc #finebywintertime #fitness #fitnessmotivation #marfitness #reasonstobenakednextsummer


Exercise has changed my life! I have had the awesome opportunity to work with a trainer named ,Lamar Griffin aka MarFitnessNYC   and it has been one of the best decisions I have made since moving to NYC. I had decided that with my move I wanted a new experience, a new healthy life and to pursue my dream of being an entertainment correspondent.  My first step was deciding to be in shape and become a healthier me. Now this is not my first time jumping in the getting  in shape.  I have completed the Spartan Sprint (you definitely need to experience it) and I have been on an off with my diet since college. This time I was serious. I am in a new place, new opportunities and for the first time, I am alone to do what I want.

I have never been a huge girl, but I have been chunky but funky. I  have always wondered what it would be like, if I really pursued being the best me I could be.  So I hired a trainer and to date I have lost 15 pounds and still moving towards the goal of amazing by New Years Eve.

Exercising is for everyone and should be tried at least once. It lowers blood pressure, gives great sleep and it is a great stress reliever and oh yea, makes you feel amazing. So here is why you should get to stepping, literally.

1. What do you have to lose? You can be fit at any size. Not all of us were made to be model thin, but we were made to be healthy and fit. When I first got started it was hell. My body hurt and I was not here for changing the way I ate. It all changed when I met some of my trainers I have had a chance to work with. It won’t change overnight, but baby steps and the way you will feel will keep you motivated!

2. Do it For You(and the Haters, lol). To each it’s own, but everyone loves to look good. Looking good and feeling good is another level. It opens up opportunities you may not have had because you lacked confidence and insecurities. Since I have started to really take care of myself, I have become more aware of how people may treat me, I also have become more aware of how I treated myself. People have noticed a difference in me and I love it!

3. The healthier you are is the longer you may live . No one knows their end date but you can do your part to prolong that date. Eating right and moving at least 30 minutes a day improves your way of life. There has been times where I know that if I had not taken up exercise, I probably would have had more stress that I could have handled.  Now, If I am angry or upset , one  hour of exercise has me thinking clearly and it’s a plus because I am getting smaller and stronger.* cue theme music*

If you have been following me on my Instagram, Thank You and If you have not here is your chance: AbsolutelyAngelaYvonne.

I have been posting my journey to New Year’s Eve and have been getting great support and motivation.

Tell me about your exercise journey, and let’s get healthy for 2016!



Posted on August 24, 2015

Her Agenda and Alley NYC Presents : A Night with Danyel Smith, Co Founder of HRDCVR

index (160x214)

Danyel Smith, a name that can not be said without the words Music, Beauty, Author and Powerhouse. For those of us that grew up in a time where you got your fix of music news through magazines such as Vibe, The Source, Essence and Billboard you can’t possibly not  know her name.

Excitement is not big enough to describe what I felt to attend an intimate event featuring Danyel Smith and her new baby, called HRDCVR.  This new venture along with her husband Elliot Wilson , also a well known journalist in his own right ,have came together to create a new standard on how we would see and feel journalism. HRDCVR the first ever magazine to have a hardcover and gather funding through a kick starter campaign. Her Agenda and Alley NYC partnered together to allow us to hear her wisdom, gain motivation and showed how much more Danyel Smith really is. Here are some highlights I gained from the evening:

Journalism: I got into journalism, because I was tired of hearing and reading the same story everyday. I wanted to tell a better story. I believe journalism should represent the people that it serves. Do Your Research to add life to your piece you are creating.

Taking Risks: I dropped out of college for family reasons. I still went through the ranks as a journalist and didn’t let not having a piece of paper stop me from what I wanted to do. I went back to school got my bachelor’s and master’s degree consecutively because I didn’t want to not have those things as a teacher,speaker etc.  I feel you should always take risks, especially if you have at least four to six months of saving in the bank. I believe in calculated and strategic risks. Do it, the time never can come back.

On Love: You probably have already met your mate. Don’t let the first date dictate the rest of the journey. If a person loves you they will come for you!

Social Media: I love it! When it is no longer fun, I unplug. Instagram is my favorite, It’s like cotton candy.

Making HRDCVR: We though we knew how to do it, make this come to light. We really didn’t know what we were doing at first. We have powerful writers, editors from major magazines so we were humbled when it didn’t go as we visioned or planned and we had to ask for help. We used kick starter to fund this and became a kick starter success story in our second attempt. Failure was not an option, we literately began the very next day stating over with a strategic vision and the rest is history.

Life Lessons: People deserve Beauty. Wise Women keep a circle of great people around them.

I truly was inspired by the evening and can’t wait to get my hands on HRDCVR.


Posted on August 12, 2015

How To Motivate Yourself When All You Have Is You: 5 Tips to Keep It Moving

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I wore my Spartan Shirt today because it sybolizes the work I have done and the work I am about to do! I have so many dreams and aspirations that I have to admit that I procrastinate and sometimes I just don't do. I decided today I was going to push myself for the next 9O days to get things done. I have accomplished a lot since moving to NY and now I have to step my game way up! What Do You want to accomplish in 90 days? #fitness #finebywintertime  #entertainmentreporterinthemaking  #angelayvonne90daychallenge


Motivation is hard when you don’t have support. With the passing of my mother, I am learning to be a grown up in every since of the word.  I am on a journey to become the best woman I can be and sometimes I lack the motivation to do things. Transitioning to New York, the concrete jungle , it is so easy to get caught up in what is going on in this exciting place. I knew when I came here, I had to be serious about what my intentions were jumping in the ocean filled with piranhas.  I am going to be a entertainment reporter for a well known brand. I aspire to be known as a on air pop culture expert who interviews celebrities on the red carpet and become an international brand. Yes, I have BIG Dreams and have no doubt they will come true.  I have 5 tips that keep me going on the long road ahead:


I am a big fan of quotes. I have them on my vision board. I follow them on Instagram and try to write the ones that resonate in my heart.

Whatever the task, I can guarantee there is a motivating quote that will inspire you to just keep going. I read a lot of quotes from Oprah and just got reintroduced to Eric Thomas, the Hip Hop preacher.  My favorite quote  from Oprah and Maya Angelou: When someone shows you who they are the first time, BELIEVE THEM!

2. Vision Board

The vision board first came to play when  The Secret came out. The purpose is to see what you can manifest in your life, if you just focus on what you want. On my vision board, before moving here I had New York and wanting to be on television.  Soon as I arrived, days later I was on the Dr. Oz show, started with a new live streaming app called and started taking hosting classes. I was so focused on making that happen that it came to pass.

3.Podcasts and Reading Books

The road to success is not the same for everyone but everyone can have it. It is very important that you gain knowledge from the people who are doing what you do. I have become a fan of podcasts. Podcast are so interesting because you gain a lot of information in a short period of time, you hear the war stories of failure and success ,with the commutes on the train, it is a great way to get the day started with positivity. Here are some of the ones i have been listening to: and type in Addicted2Success

4. Surround Yourself with People who are trying to achieve goals like you. It is easy to find someone to be around. I meet someone new at least twice a week. I had to make a choice on what and who I was going to be aligned with. I had to cut the foolishness from my life. I now have low tolerance for people who act like monkeys(My favorite word). I want to accomplish things and I want people around me to be the same. Contribute to my life and I will contribute to yours. There is a certain behavior successful people have and I just wanna be successful ( singing in my Trey Songs voice)

5. Music

Music is a life savor. There is nothing like a song that can get you through it. In fact, I probably have a playlist for any situation that you are going through. You know that the soundtrack for break ups was….. Trina’s first album, Baddest Bitch. That album is what I prescribe to any female going through it. I use to blast it when I was going through my I’m so in love phase, lol.  Motivating songs are what I download and keep on repeat .  The number one song I listen to is Masterpiece By Jessie J. I love this song because it is me. My favorite verse is the chorus: I still fall on my face sometimes and I can’t color inside the lines, I am perfectly incomplete, I am still working on my masterpiece.

I hope these tips work for you like it has for me!


Posted on August 12, 2015

Fashion Avenue News Magazine Presents Fashion On The Hudson 7

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sophia davis and Cover model

Who Doesn’t Love A Grand Fashion Show? Recently I moved to New York City and on my bucket list of things ,I wanted to do was to attend a fashion show during Fashion Week. Now, I know Fashion Week is held twice a year, so this was definitely a warm up of the festivities that come along with being at a show.  Fashion on The Hudson, in it’s seventh year held nothing back with 150 models, 25 designers and entertainers in between to keep us focus during the four hour show.

I met up with the passionate EIC and Producer of the show Sophia Davis and she explained the reason she started Fashion Avenue Magazine and the successful fashion show, Fashion on the Hudson. Ms. Davis believes in the underdog and wanted to have a place or space for those just getting started. Fashion Avenue News Magazine is a monthly magazine that gives insight on the industry, networking opportunities and proves that there is space for all in the modeling industry.  Check out my interview  with the lovely Sophia Davis :







Posted on July 6, 2015

Love Equality Changed The Way I Saw Love!

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love equality

It is amazing what Love can make you do, feel or say. When the Supreme Court passed the law giving homosexuals the right to wed in the fifty states, I was on my way to my first pride rally in NYC. I saw the internet explode with rainbow avatars and my gay friends posting stats about  how their families can now be legally respected by the government. Celebrations jumped off Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The day was filled with festivities from being at the Stonewall, where the first rally was first held in 1969, to marriage proposals and speeches commiserating how far they have come to how much work  is still need to be done.

I stood in amazement on how happy everyone was is their own skin, not having to hide their love and just being overwhelmed by emotions . You could hear people telling stories of the first time they came out, how history was being made etc. If happiness could be touched physically this was the closest thing that I had experienced to it.

Days after the rally, it seemed like Love was everywhere. I started to see it in everything, like a curse had been lifted and everyone was in a euphoric state of mind. I realized what a powerful drug love was, is ,could be and the thought of having a limit or boundary would be heartbreaking. Love, without it in any capacity could be stressful,sad and to some deadly. Love is not malicious, hateful or extra, it just is.


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